Spray Insulation

M&M Insulation is increasingly using sprayed polyurethane foam insulation, which expands to form a lightweight yet strong barrier with high R-values for both residential and industrial applications.
The insulation technology of the future.
Sprayed polyurethane foam has become increasingly popular for many insulation applications, due to its very high R-values (the measure of insulation effectiveness). Spray foam has the ability to instantly expand to completely fill the space, creating a semi-rigid barrier – edge-to-edge blocks of solid insulation. This not only provides superior protection against heat and cold, but allows less air infiltration, which means less pollen, dust and mold can get into your building. Today’s sprayed foam is also environmentally friendly, containing no formaldehyde or other volatile emissions.
M&M Insulation works with several types and brands of spray insulation. Working with vendors such as CertainTeed and Johns Manville, we’re sure to have the product to fit your project needs. Open cell sprays are softer, more affordable foam insulation with excellent heat resistance and outstanding acoustics. Closed cell sprays feature a stronger, moisture-resistant foam with high R-values that make it the most efficient insulating material commercially available. At M&M Insulation, we’ve tooled up to significantly expand our sprayed foam insulation capabilities to meet the demand for sprayed foam solutions. Talk to us about the value of sprayed foam insulation.